Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bold And The Brave

Multi-Coloured Owl- FOREVER 21, Gold Owl- URBAN OUTFITTERS,

Turquoise Stone- ALDO, Black Stone- ALDO, Samony Red Stone- CHARLOTTE RUSSE,

Tiger- URBAN PLANET, Gold Flower-FOREVER 21

Pearl Ring- GUESS, Gold Snake- URBAN PLANET


"Ice Breaker" Party Flyer

Hey Guys, I didn’t really wear anything that chic today. I just kind of took the clean fresh cut road instead. But there is something that I’ve been looking forward to sharing with you for a while. One of the things I’m really into now is collecting BIG rings. They are just so fabulous and simply go with everything you wear. My favorite style of jewelry, whether it be rings or necklaces, however are owls. They are just so cute and appear so wise when you wear them. My other rings are just some that I happen to stumble on whenever I go out shopping or on outings with friends.

One other really cool one besides my lovely owls, is a sliver and black tiger ring – as you can see above. It’s actually in the shape of a tigers head which I thought was so amazing.

So besides my awesome ring collection I have a daily story for you. As I left my Chemistry class today, after talking a really easy quiz, I was looking over my periodic table for one element symbol that I missed- Iron (Fe). While I was looking over my table, I was also on my way to the dorm. I was almost there when suddenly I was immediately stopped by an N-Boo. He managed to hand me a flyer to the freshmen “Ice Breaker” party this Saturday that I was already attending. He said “ I’s got’s something for yooh” as I disgustingly glanced up at him and returned a revolting stare. I finally reached my dorm room, when seconds after Stepahaine entered and told me the same pack of N-Boo’s were giving her really hard look. She ended up walk running for her LIFE! *sigh* what a day (<.<”)

P.S Don't mind my wrinkly hands. ;D

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