Sunday, September 19, 2010

Die Another Day


Cardigan- GAP, Shirt- Urban Planet, Belt- Urban Planet, Shorts- Joe Fresh, Ring- Charlotte Russe, Bag- Vintage, Shoes-Ralph Lauren

This past Wednesday I went grocery shopping with my cousin Liz Lemon, to get food for my dorm room. Boy were we ever in over our heads. We didn't quite think through the how we were going to carry all the groceries back home, so you can only imagine the struggle we went through to get them back to the dorm. The plan was to buy groceries then go to Value Village and look around for a bit then return back to the dorm. We ended up leaving the supermarket with two heavy bags of groceries, and if you guys know Liz, handling that bag was not gonna be a option. We left the bags in the grocery cart and wheeled all the way to Value Village XD.

When we got there we transferred the bags into a Value Village cart, then transferred them back to the grocery cart when leaving. If you guys aren't DEAD by now then I don't know what to say. We finally ended up pushing the cart all the way to the bus stop, where we waited. After a long, long ride, the bus dropped us in front of the school where it was all - walk , stop, walk, stop- from there on.

We reached the dorm with our back broken and Liz's shoulder dislocated. For this funny journey I wore my darker taupe cardigan, since it's was a little chilly, and a floral, zip back shirt. My Joe Fresh olive shorts went nicely with the floral patten. I added my braided belt and big red Charlotte Russe ring to bring it all together.


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