Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'll Be Home For Christmass

Sweater-VINTAGE, Calvin Kline Belt- VINTAGE, Purse-VINTAGE, Shoes-VINTAGE

"I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me......."

That’s right guys it’s almost that time of year again, and this time I couldn’t be HAPPIER!! I’m finally going to be able to see my family and dearest friends that I have been missing terribly. I’m so very excited to swap stories with you all and catch up on our first year journeys of school ^ ^. I am truly dreaming of a white and warm- though I highly doubt it will be warm, Christmas. Now for my picture related story. I went to the hospital yesterday for my volunteering interview, which went incredibly well. As I waited in the lobby for Stepahanie to meet me, a sweet white haired old lady touched my shoulder, leaned in and said “Those are the exact same shoes I wore at my wedding, except mine were white and were covered up to the ankle.” I answered back with a sweet remark and said “I love these styles of shoes so that means yours must have been exceptionally pretty!” She answered with a funny “psh ha yea” they way me and my friends always do when were making jokes. I laughed as she sat down beside me and told me why she was at the hospital. She came to see her husband who is 97 years old. He had cancer years ago but they cured it and he lived. He is healthy man, and she has been married to him for 70 years. She is extremely thankful that the lord has blessed her with a long and strong marriage so she doesn’t complain. She told me that she’s tuning 90 in December and I couldn’t believe it because she was moving around, talking and laughing like she was 65 years old. Astonished as I was, I told her that my grandpa died at 95 and she reminded me of him. After a wonderful conversation we said our goodbyes and she walked away to look for her daughter who she referred to as her “hunny”. From that’s moment on my day kept getting brighter and brighter. Stepahanie took to her friend Keyahnna's house where we laughed the rest of the day away. When I returned home I managed to make two new friends on third floor. Steve, my friend Taylor’s roommate who I missed, resurfaced from his secret never to be seen ways and Jacee bought SIX good things from value village. My belly was full when I went to bed that night. What a WONDERFUL DAY. \(>.<)/



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